The Hot Water Impact.

Currently for 2 billion people the only way to heat water is over an open fire. But fuel is expense and collecting wood is a time intense chore that is most often accomplished by women. Burning fuels releases carbon that’s bad for the environment and people’s health. An estimated 4.3 million premature deaths per year are caused from indoor air pollution.


"If I had more hot water easily available, I‘d use it for drinking, cleaning the house and bathing the kids. "

Sarsai, BR, India


"Cold water makes my joints hurt. Hot water for household work would make life easier."

Dumri, BR, India


"At times we skip bathing because boiling water consumes lots of fuel." 

Rampur Ratnakar, BR, India


"Solar hot water is a very good idea, because we can’t afford electric equipment."

Sarsai, BR, India

Our goal is to provide affordable solar hot water to 1 million people in emerging markets by 2022.

We believe the ability to clean our bodies, clothes, and dishes with hot water improves our quality of life and provides the invaluable feeling of human dignity.

Hello World. Meet SUNTAP.

Suntap is first solar hot water system designed to fit to the needs of the emerging middle class in developing countries.


Heating water is energy intensive. Necessary fuel or electricity is often unavailable and/or unaffordable. SUNTAP’s BOM cost of <$100 make it accessible to those living on >$2 PPP per day.


It doesn’t require plumbing or electricity. Its simple design creates manufacturing jobs even where sophisticated equipment is unavailable. 


As a mature renewable energy technology, solar hot water reduces greenhouse gas emissions through avoided fuel and electricity consumption.

SUNTAP - The Warmth of the Sun on Tap


Lowest Price

Small System Size

Simple Construction

low tech.png

Low Tech

No Plumbing

No Electricity

soft const.png

Soft Construction

Fewer Parts

Less Leaks


Back Road Logistics

Compact Pack Size

Robust for Transportation


User Friendly

Tool-Free Setup

Low Maintenance


First to Market

Providing Comfort, Cleanliness & Health

Market Definition

In impoverished communities, especially those at higher altitudes with colder temperatures, washing regularly is often not a common practice. In rural Nepal, some bathe as infrequently as once per year.


When analyzing SUNTAP's Market we looked at the Product Fit - Climate (Average annual solar irradiance) and the Business Environment - Competition ( degree of Corruption, and overall business environment as ranked by the World Bank.)

The markets in the top right corner of the chart are the best fit and will be addressed first for primary research and product introduction.

market analizis.png
suntap 21pix8.png


The market for SUNTAP is the emerging middle class, without access to running water in their homes, living in climates with a lot of sun during the day and cold temperatures at night.

Geographically speaking the three depicted markets on the map share the presents of regions of high elevation.


Solar thermal technology, transforming the sun’s heat directly into hot water, is simple and highly efficient. A Thermosyphon system is a easy to use, easy to maintain solar hot water system. Natural circulation of the water occurs without the need of an external pump.

graph 70c.png

System Performance

This is not enough for extended hot showers but is sufficient for the daily needs of a family of four to wash hands, bodies, dishes and daily laundry.

We believe it’s the first couple of liters that make the biggest impact. 

Energy Comparison

On a warm day the system produces 15 gal (56 liters) of over 160°F (70°C) hot water.

SUNTAP - Based on an average efficiency on a sunny day.

Wood & Gas - Based on combustion efficiency when used to heat water.

energy comp.png

Business Design

In the last couple of years, we have seen an amazing growth of the low cost solar light market, providing millions of people with a healthier, safer, more comfortable, sustainable technology. We believe hot water has a similar impact on the quality of life and hasn’t been scaled to fit the needs for the bottom of the pyramid.


Suntap will sell a low cost, good quality solar water heater for ~$200. It will also be available for monthly payments of $9/mo for 24 months, making it accessible to emerging middle class families.  

pricing structure2.png

Some solutions are cheap upfront, and others are cheap in operation but currently there isn't a good solution that's affordable upfront and in operation.

Leapfrogging Energy Access

Because Suntap doesn’t require electricity, people are able to afford hot water long before their “Electricity - Budget” allows for it.

Partner Organisation

non-profit design and innovation organization


University of Waterloo
The Affordable Energy for Humanity Global Change Initiative


Sam Goldman
Founder & Chief Product Officer at d.light 

Werner Weiss
Managing Director, AEE, Inst. for Sustainable Technologies 

Extended Team

Mechanical Engineering
Product development of Solar Lanterns for Emerging Markets 

Energy Technology 
Chemical engineering fundamentals, energy technology, cleaner production and process intensification. 

Patent Law
US Patent Agent, specializes in working with early stage companies 

Financial Services 
Project Coordinator in Nepal

Brand Strategy
Build and grow brands 


Martin Schnitzer



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